Age Spot Removal

Age Spot Removal with Laser Therapy:

Laser treatment is generally very effective at removing age spots, liver spots, sunspots and brown spots on the skin. It is the treatment of choice for these pigmented lesions. Lasers work by emitting a beam of specialized light that is passed through the skin and preferentially absorbed by only the pigmented cells in the skin. The laser causes the pigments to break up and disappear, leaving you with clear skin. There are several lasers available that work remarkably well in treating unwanted pigmentation.

How many Treatments will I need?

Typically two or more treatment sessions are necessary to completely remove the spots depending on how many there are and on which area of the body. Occasionally, darker and larger lesions may require additional treatment to obtain optimal results.

Will the spots return after treatment?

In general, we find that laser removal of age spots is cab be long-lasting, however, people do sometimes see new spots appear as they go back out into the sun.  Optimal results can be maintained only if you apply sunscreen diligently on the treated area and avoid future sun exposure.