Blistering Skin Diseases

Blisters can occur on the skin from a variety of causes.  One common cause of blisters is called alergic contact dermatitis.  Poison ivy is a very common cause of allergic contact dermatitis which can cause blisters.  Some infections can lead to skin blistering such as impetigo (bacterial infection from staph or strep) or even variants of herpes (cold sores, shingles).

In certain patients, blisters on the skin can be caused by an “overactive immune system” or autoimmune blistering.  Rarely, patients can inherit a type of skin blistering.

Dr. Poulos will thoroughly evaluate your skin eruption with blisters.  Sometimes it is necessary to sample the skin and have it sent for examination under the microscope.  Dr. Poulos will explain this during your office visit.